Co-Parenting Counseling

All children deserve to have parents who can respectfully co-parent with one another.

Finding the right tools to navigate a co-parenting relationship can be tough.

We can help.

What is Co-Parenting Counseling?

After separation or divorce, there are many decisions that impact the life of a child throughout their whole life span. Former partners have to navigate new relationship roles, shifting to co-parents who have to communicate, make decisions, and share responsibility for their children. Navigating these dynamics can be difficult and overwhelming to discuss in a way that is cooperative and respectful with a former partner.

Co-parenting counseling is beneficial for couples who wish to minimize the impact of divorce or separation on their children. Co-parenting counseling is not appropriate for partners who are working in mediation to get on the same page or who are in hostile court-involvement over custody. It is important that co-parents enter co-parenting counseling with a mutual understanding that they will be learning to work as a team and for the benefit of their child. 

Co-parenting is different from Divorce Counseling, which Creative Family Counseling also offers. Oftentimes there can be an overlap for these two services as couples navigate divorce and co-parenting dynamics.

Common Issues Addressed in Co-Parenting Counseling:

  • Exploring new relationship roles as you shift from a couple to co-parents.
  • Determining communication expectations
  • Co-parenting meetings and handoffs between homes
  • Navigating holidays, special occasions, and schools
  • Developing a process for making joint co-parenting decisions
  • Exploring dating and remarriage

Who May Benefit from Co-Parenting Counseling?

Co-parenting counseling can be helpful for many parents who are working to navigate relationship dynamics after separation or divorce. This may include:

  • Single parents post divorce, separation, cohabitation, or a long-term relationship
  • Individuals currently in the separation or divorce process
  • Co-parents together in the therapy room after separation or divorce

Who Provides Co-Parenting Counseling?

Creative Family Counseling has team members who have specialized training to work with co-parents, whether they are in the midst of separation or divorce process, or after they have been separated or divorced for some time. Some team members at Creative Family Counseling have received training in therapy models to help co-parents effectively communicate with one another and navigate this journey cooperatively. It is important to find a therapist that is prepared and has knowledge on how to navigate the unique dynamic of co-parenting. 

There is Hope.

Utilizing a collaborative approach and unique theories that are specific to co-parenting and couples, our therapist will help each person in the room feel heard and understood. Our therapists are trained to help explore how parents can work towards mutual goals to help their children thrive after separation or divorce.

We Offer Lots of Options for Scheduling. 

Our clinicians have flexible availability with co-parenting counseling offered at our Prospect Campus with team members trained in this specialty. We also understand that your time is valuable and that in-person appointments are not for everyone. Your co-parenting counselor can also meet with you online via Telehealth!

We agree to provide a safe space that allows clients to reach their goals in a collaborative manner.

How do we get started?

  1. Contact our Practice Administrator to be matched with a Co-Parenting Therapist who fits your needs.
    2. Schedule an intake appointment to discuss your concerns and goals.
    3. Allow your Therapist to create an individualized treatment plan for you and your partner.
    4. Work together to meet your goals.
    5. Enjoy a more fulfilling relationship and a happier home.

Still have Questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to have additional questions answered!

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