Clients pay for each session at the time of service.  We accept cash and check for payment, as well as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Health Savings Account/Flexible Spending Account/Health Reimbursement Account cards.

Professional fees at CFC vary, depending on the clinician you see.  With our clinical therapist team, typical sessions generally range from $115-$180 per 45-60 minute appointment, and initial intakes range between $150-$270.  With our Counseling Student Interns, all services range between $50-$25.  We offer a $5 discount for all services paid by cash or check.

If full cost fees are cost prohibitive and clients do not have HSA/FSA/HRA cards or Out of Network Benefits to help cover the out of pocket fees for counseling, Therapists at CFC may offer a sliding scale rate for counseling.  Please see each Team Member‘s individual pages for details on specific rates per clinician.

Because the Creative Family Counseling Team values clients’ privacy, no Therapists currently contract with insurance companies and each Therapist would be considered an Out-of-Network Provider.  Many clients utilize their private insurance with benefits like their Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) cards.  Oftentimes, clients are able to successfully pay for counseling sessions with these benefit cards without CFC billing through their insurance and assigning a diagnosis and/or sharing private health information (PHI).

Also, many insurance companies will pay for out-of-network services provided that a mental health diagnosis is given to the client. Should clients decide to seek Out-of-Network reimbursement for their counseling at Creative Family Counseling, Therapists are willing to complete these forms for clients. The insurance company may require access to your confidential medical records and require a receipt of services, which can be provided upon request and with appropriate authorizations in place. Please contact your plan administrator for more information regarding your insurance related questions.

There are many benefits to private pay counseling, such as you and your therapist being able to call the shots regarding the frequency of your visits and type of counseling you receive, as well as avoiding a mental health diagnosis from going onto your permanent health record and medical history, which unfortunately can have implications on ability to obtain certain types of insurance or jobs.

If clients find that the full fees for counseling at CFC are cost prohibitive, be sure to ask which Therapists have sliding scale spots available on their schedule!

Whether coming in by yourself or with a family member, each person attending therapy will need to bring in completed New Client Paperwork. You will have access to this paperwork prior to your appointment through our website’s Patient Portal. The password for this portal will be provided after you’ve scheduled your Intake appointment. Please fully complete the packet before arriving.

Parents of children whose families have custody arrangements must bring the most recent court ordered custody arrangement to the first appointment in order to enroll your child in counseling at Creative Family Counseling.

You may reach each of Creative Family Counseling’s Therapists by calling their direct phone numbers listed on their individual Team Member pages.  Additionally, you may call 502-709-0410 and listen for your Therapist’s extension number.

Your own commitment to therapy is crucial for success. Your appointment time has been reserved just for you. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please do so 24-hours before the appointment time. Missed appointments or cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full session fee.

Professional ethics and Kentucky State law provide clients with control over their confidential information. This means that, as a general rule, information shared in session with a therapist will be held in confidence. There are three exceptions to this general rule: (1) In the case of an emergency where the therapist believes the client is at risk of hurting himself/herself or another person, the therapist may breach the requirement of confidentiality. (2) Kentucky state law requires that child or elder abuse in any form be reported to the Department of Human Services or another authority, such as a juvenile judge. (3) If a therapist is subpoenaed to court he/she may be required to disclose some confidential information.

Frequency of visits will be discussed and decided upon by you and your therapist at your first appointment. Typically the severity of symptoms informs how often clients see their therapist. We usually recommend clients come more frequently in the beginning of our work together to “get the snowball rolling,” so to speak. After there’s some momentum, symptoms lessen, and you’re starting to feel better, it is typical to taper appointments and come less and less frequently.

At your first appointment, you and your therapist will decide upon your treatment goals. Each session after the intake will target getting you to that goal. When your goal has been met, you and your therapist can decide if you’d like to address a different goal, begin a “maintenance” phase and have check-ins every few weeks, or if you’d like to close services.

If the county of your practice location (Jefferson County or Oldham County) is experiencing inclement weather, you will not be charged a late cancellation fee. Please contact your Therapist directly to discuss if your appointment time will be kept or cancelled during inclement weather.

If for any reason you are unsure of your appointment during inclement weather, please call the office at 502-709-0410 and listen for your Therapist’s extension to verify your appointment or cancellation with them directly.

Persons undergoing therapy have the potential to make significant changes in their lives. People often modify their emotions, attitudes, and behaviors. They may also make changes in their significant relationships, such as with friends, partners, and relatives. They may change other aspects of their lives. While therapists at Creative Family Counseling work with clients and families to identify the changes they desire for themselves and their lives, they cannot guarantee a specific outcome or a specific time limit for treatment. Ultimately, clients are responsible for their choices and journey.

Therapists at Creative Family Counseling are available for counseling appointments at selected times throughout the week. If their schedules fill, they may not be able to provide additional availability. Therapists at Creative Family Counseling are not available 24/7 for crisis situations. If you experience a crisis or emergency, you may obtain immediate assistance by calling the Crisis Hotline at 502-589-4313 or 1-800-221-0446, calling 911, or by going to your local hospital emergency room.


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