Suicidal Crisis Care

Everyone deserves a safe place to heal and recover from the pain of the world.

If your pain has become overwhelming, you are not alone. We can help.

What is Suicidal Crisis Care?

Experiencing a suicidal crisis can feel challenging and at times hopeless. It doesn’t mean that something is wrong with us or that we can’t overcome; it’s more often an indicator of overwhelm, of our minds being asked to operate outside of its boundaries and what its currently equipped for. At Creative Family Counseling, we have clinicians specifically trained in this treatment where you and your therapist will study and address the suicidality itself, and explore causes, contributors, and ways to move through and beyond.

It’s common for clients experiencing a suicidal crisis to feel hopeless and as though nothing can work for them. This often comes from a “tunnel vision” that the mind creates when experiencing such significant depressive symptoms. While many interventions and modalities are helpful to alleviate related symptoms, Creative Family Counseling has experience in evidence based practices that effectively reduce these symptoms and assist clients in resuming a life that feels best and most meaningful to them.

CBT-SP is an evidenced based strategy that focused on brief (read: quick results) intervention to reduce thoughts of self harm and/or suicide quickly and effectively. It may be what you think of when you think of therapy, where we address the thoughts that contribute to suicidal / self harm ideation and how to navigate them and maintain both emotional and physical safety.

CAMS is another well received, evidence based practice for suicide intervention. This approach is more direct and specific and helps clients gain a better understanding of how they came to experience suicidal or self harm thoughts. At its core, it is a 12 session plan focused deliberately and only on the suicidality, which is treated as the client and therapist studying it together. The suicidality is the problem, not the client. It can be a breath of fresh air especially to clients who experience these chronically as it builds insight and awareness in a way that other strategies cannot. Through CAMS we also work on practical skills and strategies, such as what are behaviors, situations, etc. that move you closer to suicidal / self harm actions, and what are the behaviors, situations, etc. that help move you further away from those actions and therefore create more physical and emotional safety for you.

Lastly, ABFT is specifically designed to target family and individual processes associated with adolescent suicide and depression. It is highly effective in treating teenagers who present with severe depression which includes suicidal thoughts and self harming behaviors.

These research-backed practices have proven effective at targeting these specific symptoms and bringing relief sooner than more general therapy models. No matter which path you choose, safer suicide care and prevention is possible and attainable.

There is hope.
We offer various appointment times with expert team members.

Our clinicians provide these evidence therapies with specialized training and expertise. Erica Adams provides CBT-SP and CAMS and Rebecca Street provides ABFT at the Louisville Campus. We also know that your time is valuable and that in-person appointments are not for everyone. No fear – your counselor can also meet with you Online via Telehealth!

You deserve a safe space to unpack your overwhelm. We agree to provide a safe space that allows you to reach your goals in a collaborative manner.

I’m ready to feel better. How do I get started?

  1. Contact our Practice Administrator to be matched with a Therapist who fits your needs.
  2. Schedule an intake appointment to discuss your concerns and goals.
  3. Allow your Therapist to create an individualized treatment plan for you.
  4. Work together to meet your goals.
  5. Enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life.

Still have questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to have additional questions answered!

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