Transition Prep Action Plans

Everyone deserves a loving and peaceful home.

We understand what it’s like to be worried about the future. 

We can help.

Life is full of transitions.

Some of us adjust relatively easily to new people, places, routines, and environments. But for some of us, transitions, even those that are joy-filled and exciting, require some adjustment. In fact, the primary reason people call us for help is because they have either just experienced a life transition or are preparing for one in their future. We can help facilitate a smooth adjustment to a transition that has already happened or help you adjust to an upcoming transition.

How do people handle transitions?

Sometimes adjustments to a transition or life change can include internal and “quiet” symptoms like:

  • worry
  • stomach-aches
  • insomnia
  • picking cuticles, biting lips, or fidgeting
  • “spacing out”
  • distancing or withdrawing
  • avoidance

Other times, they can include external signs like:

  • outbursts
  • panic
  • irritability
  • defiance
  • tantrums
  • resistance or refusal
  • disruptive behaviors
  • use of substances

What sorts of transitions lead to these types of reactions?

Transitions and life changes can be especially difficult when we are transitioning away from something we enjoy and toward something less preferable.

Examples of such Life Transitions may include:

  • when a child is transitioning from summertime to the start of a new school-year,
  • the holiday season to the start of a new semester,
  • a change of schools altogether,
  • a family under one roof transitioning to two separate homes under different roofs,
  • moving from one home or community to a new one, or,
  • adjusting to life without an important person or pet in our lives.

Unexpectedly, some families are surprised by the difficulties and challenges they experience following even positive transitions, or transitions which could be considered Seasonal Transitions, which may include:

  • end of the school-year into the summer,
  • from fall into the holiday season,
  • prior to spring and fall breaks from school
  • the joining of new family members, or,
  • launching into adulthood after graduation.

How can you help with our transition?

Creative Family Counseling offers Transition Prep Action Planning. Transition Action Plans are proactive and solution-focused planning sessions to prepare individuals or families for a life change or seasonal transition. These Action Plan meetings are an abbreviated service which is focused on helping families anticipate challenges, get ahead of the problem, and establish a plan to eliminate obstacles and minimize adjustment issues.

How long does the Action Planning take?

This service is brief and strategy-focused for new clients and can be an augmentation to any other treatment concerns being addressed in therapy with current clients. Action Plans can be any where between 2-6 sessions long, depending on the transition and goals of the client.

We Offer Lots of Options for Scheduling.

Our clinicians offer flexible availability with Transition Planning offered at our Prospect Campus and our Louisville Campus. We also know that your time is valuable and that in-person appointments are not for everyone. No fear – our counselors can meet with clients  Online via Telehealth!

Typical Outcomes for Transition Action Planning:

  • Reduced negative reactions to the transition
  • More peaceful transition
  • Well executed plans for the transition
  • Better communication amongst family members during the transition

Everyone deserves a loving and peaceful home.

We agree to provide a safe space that allows clients to reach their goals in a collaborative manner.

I’m ready to get started. How do we get started?

1. Contact our Practice Administrator to be matched with a Therapist who fits your needs and offers Transition Action Planning.
2. Schedule an intake appointment to discuss your concerns and goals.
3. Allow your Therapist to create an individualized treatment plan for you.
4. Work together to meet your goals.
5. Enjoy a more a happier home.

Still have Questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to have additional questions answered!

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