Spiritually Integrative Counseling

Everyone deserves love and connection.

For some people, their spiritual and theological history and practices can be source of love and connection. For others, this part of their background has been a source of pain. Whether your spirituality is something that is a resource for you or if you need help recovering from the harm of your spiritual history, we can help.

Why do you offer Spiritually Integrated Counseling (SIC)?

Historically, spirituality did not play a role in psychotherapy or in the mental health field. However, due to a growing interest in empirical research which shows that therapy should address the entire being – mind, body, spirit, and even community – there is much more support for spiritual integration in health care. At Creative Family Counseling, we value this integrative approach to helping the whole person along with their journey to wellness.

Spirituality can be both a source of difficulty as well as a positive coping resource in times of stress, which is often when people experience symptoms which may bring them to seeking the professional support of a therapist. Spiritual values help many people make sense out of the universe and define the purpose of life. Because these values often play a large role in functioning, they should be viewed as a resource in the therapy room.

What should I expect?

Spiritually integrated therapists are able to assess client’s spirituality for the ways in which values, beliefs, and practices function in life-giving and life-limiting ways and then help clients address those challenges and draw on helpful spiritual resources. During the assessment process, our therapists will gather an understanding of how certain beliefs or practices of the client can be useful focal points for exploration.

Which religions are welcomed at your practice?

Creative Family Counseling welcomes people of any or no faith or spiritual background. We offer an open, non-judgmental space for our clients to gain insight into the ways their core beliefs and values are reflected in their behaviors. We recognize that there are multiple paths toward fulfilling spiritual needs and are motivated for clients to find their path.

Can I find a Therapist at your practice who practices the same faith as me? 

Because Therapists at Creative Family Counseling prioritize the client’s experience, goals, journey and preferences, the Therapist’s own faith identity plays no role. As clinicians, it is our goal for clients to meet their personal goals of healing, insight, and change and the Therapist’s own life preferences don’t impact that work.

What if I do not want to incorporate my faith into counseling?

Your goals are our goals. We will focus your counseling on the topics and concerns you bring as the priority.

Where can I find a Therapist who offers SIC?

Many of our team members have been trained in how to integrate clients’ spirituality and belief systems into counseling should that be a priority for the client.  Creative Family Counseling offers this specialty at both our Prospect Campus and our Lyndon Campus.

Everyone deserves love and connection.

How do I get started?

1. Contact our Practice Administrator to be matched with a Therapist who fits your needs.
2. Schedule an intake appointment to discuss your concerns and goals.
3. Allow your Therapist to create an individualized treatment plan for you and your family.
4. Work together to meet your goals.
5. Enjoy a happier home.

Still have Questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to have additional questions answered!

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