Over 6000 Clients have trusted our Therapists in helping their homes become happier places.

“We’ve felt such a difference in the way we communicate with one another, even after only a couple of sessions with our Therapist.”

-Adult Client

“Coming here is fun!”

– Child Client

“I felt really alone when I first came here. I’ve realized in my therapy with Courtney that I’m not.”

– Adult Client

“Your Practice Administrator was so kind on the phone! She gave us all the information we needed, took time to answer all our questions, and got us set up with a therapist on a schedule that works well for us. Thank you!

– Parent of Teen Child

“We came to your practice and saw Megan M. She helped us better connect as a family. Our home was so chaotic before we worked with her and we’ve all learned helpful ways to get along better.”

– Parent of School-Aged Child

“We’ve seen many therapists in the past and none of them even compare to Erica Myers. She and her therapy dog Mak have been game-changers for our son and our family.”

– Parent of School-Aged Child

“Lacey helped our daughters during a very hard time in our lives. We’ll forever be grateful for her work with them. They are doing so well now!”

– Parent of Child Siblings

“This was so helpful! I really feel like I can balance being kind AND firm with my kids now.”

– Parent Attendee of CFC’s Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop

“It is obvious from the moment you walk into this place that the counselors here care about children. The waiting room has activities for them to do while we wait. The counselor’s room is also full of activities for them to do while they talk. Our daughter is finally working through some stuff we’ve needed to do for a long time. I’m so thankful we found this place.”

-Parent of School-Aged Child

“I took my kids here to see Nora and they loved her, we all did. Everything felt natural in her office. She went with the flow of my boys but at the same time was able to guide the process toward our goals. She was always a call or email away if we needed anything. My kids looked forward to seeing Ms. Nora and doing activities with her. I would 100% recommend her for anyone on the fence about putting their kids in therapy. Nora made it as smooth as possible for both parent and kids.”

-Parent of School-Aged Child

“I don’t know where we’d be without the counselors at Creative Family Counseling. Our son needed help working through anger issues and we needed help as a family to find better ways to communicate and get along with each other. Our counselor has been a God send for us.”

-Parent of Teenager

“Despite the fact that our six-year-old could only “see” Leslie over video chat [telehealth], she was able to get him to warm up, open up and share his feelings with her.  We are very grateful for the tools that she gave us for when our son has challenges. She was a huge help to our family!”

-Parent of School-Aged Telehealth Client

We are so thankful for the work Lisa did with our son to help him learn to control his emotions. We truly appreciate her. She helped so much with everything that is going on in our family and is an amazing person. If we ever need therapy again, we will call her! Thank you for all your hard work, Lisa!”

-Parent of School-Aged Child 

“Lacey is a person you want beside you on your journey to better mental health and self-clarity. She has a great balance of active listening with a sprinkle of ‘real talk’. She challenges you and/or your family to be more attentive to your emotions and feelings, individually and together as a team. I have had the privilege of watching and learning from Lacey as she builds trust, understanding, patience and life long coping skills and tools within my daughter. Lacey is genuine and warm with each individualized session that we take part in. Her calm but confident demeanor makes you feel safe and cared about, but also allows for hard and important work to be done. I would chose Lacey 100 times over again for my daughter and family. She is the best choice we have ever made. And as a mother and woman, I am forever thankful for her.”

– School-Aged Client’s Mother

“I appreciate understanding the brain science behind my child’s behaviors and how I can respond to them to get them to calm down.”

– Parent Attendee of CFC’s Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop

“I just wanted to say thank you. I don’t think I could’ve made it past that time in my life without having someone I trusted & felt comfortable talking to.”

– Adult Client

“We saw dramatic changes in our daughter after several sessions with Rebecca.  Her sleep improved and her anxiety significantly lowered. Having another resource and support person besides her parents allowed her to build the confidence she needed to do challenging things.”

– Parent of Teenage Client

“While experiencing debilitating anxiety that was severely impacting my quality of life, I finally made the decision to begin therapy. I was skeptical, as I had reached a point of hopelessness that I thought I would never recover from. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet Lacey Ryan and work through my issues through Prolonged Exposure Therapy under her guidance. Lacey is caring, understanding and intuitive. There were times I wanted to give up because it was HARD! Lacey was just aggressive enough to help me push through the difficulty and keep my eyes on my goal of regaining my life and independence.

If you are contemplating reaching out to Lacey, I strongly urge you to take that step. The first step was very hard for me, but I could not imagine where I would be today if I had not met her! She gave me the tools I needed to take my life back, and I am functioning at a level today that I never thought possible!”

– Adult Client

“Lisa has been an incredible resource for my partner and I. I didn’t know if we were going to make. She gave us some really helpful ways to deal with extended family relationships and we’re doing much better since beginning our work with her.”

– Adult Client for Couples Counseling

“Rebecca has been a lifeline for our daughter and has helped her immensely by guiding her and giving her the tools she needed to manage her anxiety and emotions.  Rebecca is honest and open and talks with her on her level, in a way she can understand. Rebecca includes us in the conversation and teaches us, as parents, ways that we can continue to help our daughter on a daily basis. We have watched our daughter grow in confidence with Rebecca’s help, and we are very blessed to have found Creative Family Counseling.”

– Parent of Teenage Client


– Parent Attendee of CFC’s Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop

“Lacey provided a safe, welcoming and supportive space. Her kindness, empathy and understanding helped me through some significant life changes and traumas. She is an example of what a therapist should be, I cannot recommend her enough. Truly a remarkable individual who has been a shining light in times of darkness.”

– Adult Client

“Hannah B. has helped our teenage daughter tremendously. We refer all our friends to her!”

– Mother of Teen Client

“My daughters truly enjoy their therapy sessions with Lacey. She creates a welcoming, friendly, and safe environment enabling them to share their feelings through playing games and art activities not just talk therapy. My youngest daughter struggles with dealing with her negative emotions. After seeing Lacey, she has learned new methods of coping and how to express her emotions in a healthier way. As a parent, I am so pleased with the progress the girls have made and I am so grateful I found Lacey, a caring, professional therapist. My daughters are comforted knowing Lacey is a part of their support system.”

– School-Aged Client’s Mother

“We were referred to Creative Family Counseling for our daughter to help her anxiety. We set up an appointment with Rebecca Street and immediately her and our daughter connected. The environment is inviting and calming. Our daughter has never felt awkward or uncomfortable. She is always received with open arms. Rebecca makes it known that she is always available, even between appointments, for our daughter’s needs. She has created a safe space for our daughter to open up and feel supported.”

– Parent of a Teenage Client

“I really enjoyed learning from you all. I am excited to try to incorporate this in our family’s home. ”

– Parent Attendee of CFC’s Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop

“My teenage daughter was having panic attacks and anxiety that were affecting her daily life, especially her schooling so I brought her to Lacey.  Although I am a strong proponent of counseling, I was concerned about finding a counselor my daughter would actually talk to as she is strongly introverted and a reluctant communicator. In the first session, my concerns were put to rest.  Lacey’s gentle demeanor was a perfect fit for my daughter’s personality.  She explained things in a way that my daughter could easily understand and relate to as well.  Lacey set the stage appropriately letting my daughter know that as they started working together, things might get worse before they got better.  This honesty and candidness helped establish the trust that would be needed for my daughter to have a successful counseling relationship.

I appreciated the wisdom Lacey exhibited by first placing the focus on helping my daughter develop tools to deal with the panic attacks but then leading my daughter, when she was ready and willing, to work through the underlying issue triggering the anxiety. Through her sessions with Lacey, my daughter learned to head off panic attacks by using the coping mechanisms they had developed together.  More importantly, she faced the underlying issue and was able to get out of a pit she had been in for a while.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcomes!”

– High School Aged Client’s Mother

“It’s nice for my partner and I to feel like we’re on the same page in our parenting.”

– Parent Attendee of CFC’s Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop

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Therapists who work at Creative Family Counseling, LLC are committed to providing culturally competent and affirming care. This includes ongoing conversations on issues of power, privilege, and oppression, as well as dedicated focus and education on these issues, with the goal of supporting anti-racism, anti-discrimination, & anti-hate to foster growth, love, change, and social justice for all.