Opal Britches, Therapy Dog

Hello World! My name is Opal Britches, and my mum’s name is Shelby Birchler who works in the Lyndon office. I go by many names from my frands and family; Opal, Ohpie, Snowball, Angel butt, butt butt, and wiggle butt. I love giving my wiggle butt for scratches, pets and play. I am so excited to be a therapy dog and a little shy, have you felt shy doing new things before? Maybe we can learn together!

Some fun facts about Opal Buns: 
  • I am Deaf. Does this slow me down? Absolutely not! Sometimes I do get startled and I bounce back quickly with a few sniffs and butt scratches, they are my favorite! I know some sign language, most of the signs mum gives derive from their time taking ASL in undergrad.
  • I am what you call a double merle, double merle is when people breed two merle coats together. (Merle coats are the speckling color on my britches). When this happens so do other recessive traits like deafness and visual impairments.
  • Oh! I have a visual impairment called Coloboma. Coloboma is when your iris (the colored part of your eye) does not develop fully which leaves my pupil (the black part) a different shape. This impacts how much light my eyes take in, sometimes it is too dark or too bright. When it is too bright I have sunglasses to protect my eyes. 😎
  • On the weekends I love going on adventures with my family and herding my brothers! Some people call me the referee, whatever that means, but I always manage to have fun.
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