North Oldham Middle School

Melanie Summers, LPCA, provides School Facilitated Services for the students at North Oldham Middle School. NOMS is the home of the Mustangs and is located in Goshen, Kentucky. Melanie is available on Wednesdays to counsel students.

North Oldham Middle School’s motto “Better Together” echoes the relationship between Melanie and the staff of NOMS. The student’s individual needs can be met through teamwork. School Facilitated Services provide a unique opportunity for collaboration with the students’ school counselors, occupational and speech therapists, Mental Health Consultants, and teachers to create a unique school experience for the child. Melanie works with Brian Troyer, the Mental Health Consultant of North Oldham Middle School.

Melanie has experience providing school-facilitated services for:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • neurodiversity
  • adjusting to the physical, emotional, and social changes that occur during middle school

Melanie’s primary goal is to increase self-esteem, empower children, and provide tools that will be beneficial for navigating the world as a child and a future adult.

To schedule an intake appointment with Melanie to discuss if SFS would be a good fit, email at melanieCFC@proton.me or call (502) 427-0974.

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