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We saw dramatic changes in our daughter after several sessions with Rebecca. Her sleep improved and her anxiety significantly lowered. Having another resource and support person besides her parents allowed her to build the confidence she needed to do challenging things.

Parent of Teenage Client

Rebecca has been a lifeline for our daughter and has helped her immensely by guiding her and giving her the tools she needed to manage her anxiety and emotions. Rebecca is honest and open and talks with her on her level, in a way she can understand. Rebecca includes us in the conversation and teaches us, as parents, ways that we can continue to help our daughter on a daily basis. We have watched our daughter grow in confidence with Rebecca’s help, and we are very blessed to have found Creative Family Counseling.

Parent of Teenage Client

We were referred to Creative Family Counseling for our daughter to help her anxiety. We set up an appointment with Rebecca Street and immediately her and our daughter connected. The environment is inviting and calming. Our daughter has never felt awkward or uncomfortable. She is always received with open arms. Rebecca makes it known that she is always available, even between appointments, for our daughter’s needs. She has created a safe space for our daughter to open up and feel supported.

Parent of a Teenage Client

My teenage daughter was having panic attacks and anxiety that were affecting her daily life, especially her schooling so I brought her to Lacey. Although I am a strong proponent of counseling, I was concerned about finding a counselor my daughter would actually talk to as she is strongly introverted and a reluctant communicator. In the first session, my concerns were put to rest. Lacey’s gentle demeanor was a perfect fit for my daughter’s personality. She explained things in a way that my daughter could easily understand and relate to as well. Lacey set the stage appropriately letting my daughter know that as they started working together, things might get worse before they got better. This honesty and candidness helped establish the trust that would be needed for my daughter to have a successful counseling relationship.
I appreciated the wisdom Lacey exhibited by first placing the focus on helping my daughter develop tools to deal with the panic attacks but then leading my daughter, when she was ready and willing, to work through the underlying issue triggering the anxiety. Through her sessions with Lacey, my daughter learned to head off panic attacks by using the coping mechanisms they had developed together. More importantly, she faced the underlying issue and was able to get out of a pit she had been in for a while. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcomes!

High School Aged Client’s Mother

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Therapists who work at Creative Family Counseling, LLC are committed to providing culturally competent and affirming care. This includes ongoing conversations on issues of power, privilege, and oppression, as well as dedicated focus and education on these issues, with the goal of supporting anti-racism, anti-discrimination, & anti-hate to foster growth, love, change, and social justice for all.