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When Celebrations are Tough

Holidays, Parties, Weddings, and Baby Showers.  They are celebrations of joy, right? They definitely are, but for some, they can also be painful reminders of what (or who) is missing from our lives.

For those who have experienced a loss, the first year is a year full of “firsts” without our deceased loved one.  There’s our first birthday, their first birthday, first Mother and/or Father’s Day, first Christmas…you get the idea.  It’s difficult to carry on with the world around us during those seasons when we feel that we are drowning in our own grief.  Those first holidays and celebrations are painful reminders to what we already know – that that loved one will never again celebrate with us.  Even after the first year of a significant loss, there are still certain times of year when missing our loved one hurts a little more, no matter how long we’ve been without them. Learn More...