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What’s the Difference Between Divorce Counseling Co-Parenting Counseling

Creative Family Counseling is excited to announce two new specialties for clients: Divorce Counseling and Co-Parenting Counseling. Oftentimes there can be an overlap for these two services as couples navigate divorce and co-parenting dynamics at the same time but there is a clearly defined difference between these two services.

What is Divorce Counseling?

There are fewer family decisions that have such a monumental impact than deciding to divorce. This is especially so when children are included in the picture. For couples who are navigating a revision to their relationship, there are many factors involved. This can be overwhelming and difficult to discuss in a neutral and positive way with the partner in which you are un-coupling.  Learn More...

Therapist Spotlight: Tiffany Keith Offers Insight to the Burned-Out-Momma

Recently, Tiffany Keith, Marriage and Family Therapy Associate at the Creative Family Counseling Lyndon Practice, was featured in an article by Tonilyn Hornung on the website Mother Untitled. Hornung and Keith discuss the history of motherhood and professionalism and how past expectations for mothers in the home may need to be re-evaluated and discussed within a healthy partnership in the article titled “How to Clear the Outdated Stereotypes Cluttering Your Home.” You can hear what Tiffany had to say in the full article, here! Learn More...