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Creating a Summer Schedule for Your Family

As the school-year ends, many families embrace a slower schedule, or lack thereof. Taking a break from the busy school schedule is well-deserved, but if you’re like my family, some structure and routine to the day can keep things interesting when day in and day out at home can seem boring after a while.

A summer schedule can also help set some boundaries around use of technology, which research shows is correlated to poor academic performance and higher mental and emotional health symptoms. And at least at my house, the more screen time there is, the more outbursts we have, which tells me their brains need less of it!  If you want to include technology time in your summer schedule, you could designate a limited amount somewhere throughout the day. Learn More...

Pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19) causes parents across the world to become instant homeschoolers.

10 Ideas for Creating a New Routine at Home During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

By Bridget Morgan, LMFT and Lacey Ryan, LMFT, RPT-S

As the last few weeks have unfolded, more and more families have adjusted to new ways of living as we Shelter at Home during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic.  For families who have children, many parents are pulling triple duty of parent, homeschooling teacher, and employee while working from home.  This is difficult and overwhelming to manage, only worsened by the anxiety of how this Pandemic will continue to change our lives in the coming days.  In fact, it’s impossible to manage!  So we decided to offer you some tips to get you through the coming weeks at home. Learn More...