Kenwood Station Elementary

Jess Miller provides School Facilitated Services at Kenwood Station Elementary School in Crestwood, KY. Jess provides School Facilitated Services for Kenwood on Wednesday mornings starting at 9 a.m.

Jess works with Mental Health Consultant Renee Grady, Kenwood’s Guidance Counselors, as well as the teachers and staff at Kenwood.

Jess has experience in:

  • emotional regulation
  • classroom behavior
  • social skills
  • learning disorders
  • ADHD
  • anxiety.

Jess has previous experience working with JCPS, providing clinical therapy and art therapy for individuals and groups. School Facilitated Services provide a unique opportunity for children and families through collaboration that can be provided by consulting with teachers, counselors, and other staff at Kenwood. School Facilitated Services with Jess at Kenwood makes it easier to get your child to weekly appointments and removes a barrier to supporting their mental health.

To schedule an intake with Jess to discuss if School Facilitated Services would be a good fit, reach out via email or phone at JessMillerCFC@protonmail.com or (502)-628-6110.

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