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How to Choose a Therapy Group

You’ve decided Group Therapy will help you meet your mental health treatment goals, and are excited to start this new journey – Yay! Now you may be wondering, which group is best for me? Here’s a few factors to consider…

Open versus Closed Groups: We offer both open and closed Group Therapy formats at Creative Family Counseling. Open groups do not have an end date, and allow for new members to join as current members exit. Closed groups are time-limited with a start and end date, and do not allow for new members once they’ve begun.  Learn More...

Introducing ‘Grow’ – A Group for Teens

“Am I the only one that feels like this?”

“Do other people talk to you about this kind of stuff?”

“This is super embarrassing, but…”

“I know this isn’t normal.”

“Literally no one gets it.” 

I’ve heard the above statements and questions over, and over, and over in the therapy room, especially when I am working with teenagers. In their world, they’re the only one with this experience, this struggle, this thought, this worry, this insecurity. This perception leads to feelings of isolation, loneliness, low self-esteem, and hopelessness.   Learn More...

All About Group Therapy

We are so excited to begin offering Group Therapy to our community! Our team of expert clinicians are eager to begin implementing this new therapeutic modality in order to serve the needs of the community in a way we never have before.

Group Therapy supports individuals of all ages experiencing concerns such as challenging social interactions, low self worth, difficulty managing stressors, feelings of anxiety or depression, feelings of isolation, or struggling with life transitions. Group Therapy is a highly effective therapeutic modality that may be implemented as a stand alone mental health treatment, or in addition to other forms of therapy such as individual, family, or couples counseling. Learn More...