What to Expect at Creative Family Counseling

Is this your first time visiting us at Creative Family Counseling?

Welcome! We find it a privilege to walk alongside clients as they work through challenges. Thank you for choosing to spend that time with us!

If you’re a planner like me, this little article may be helpful to help you prepare for your first visit at CFC.

When you schedule your first appointment with your Therapist, you will receive a password to complete your Intake Questionnaire and sign your Consents and Agreements prior to coming. Please complete this paperwork electronically prior to your visit so your Therapist can review it with you during your scheduled appointment time. Learn More...

Who Is Creative Family Counseling?

Creative Family Counseling includes a group of therapists who share a like-minded approach to working with clients. This approach is collaborative – we are not experts on your life. You are. While our training and experience inform our ways of interacting with clients and any recommendations we might make as your Therapists, you are ultimately the decision maker on any changes you make in your life. We feel a collaborative approach is more respectful of the client’s own innate abilities to provide healing and be agents of change for themselves.

We also share an integrative approach. In a world where we experience so much compartmentalization, we value healing that includes unifying all those parts. This includes mind, body, spirit, and community. We find that when the whole person is cared for, the healing people experience in all areas of their life helps facilitate the change for which clients are seeking when they come to Creative Family Counseling. This may include collaboration with other providers with which you work or just be as simple as talking with you about all the various facets of your life and how they impact your present circumstances. Our Therapists’ training in Marriage and Family Therapy also reflects a belief in systemic change. People don’t live in a vacuum. We find that when people’s systems (relationships) find healthier ways of interacting, people experience lasting change and healing.

All of the Therapists at Creative Family Counseling feel strongly that there are creative solutions to problems you may be experiencing. It is this belief in change that brought each of us to the profession of counseling. Sometimes these solutions include research-supported treatment modalities that therapists use in session with clients. You can learn more about these specialized treatment options here. Other times the solution that you’re looking for may just come from thinking outside of the box with your therapist or just be a result of sharing your challenges with a trustworthy and caring therapist.

Lastly, we believe in inclusivity. All people deserve the chance to experience healing. This is why we offer specialized counseling services to all age groups of individuals and with any dynamic of relationships. Your counseling is tailored to your needs and will include whoever you’d like to include.

All of this informs our Mission Statement, which says, “At Creative Family Counseling, we believe that change is possible. With a collaborative and integrative approach, our therapists help equip families with knowledge and tools to develop creative solutions to problems and facilitate healing and growth. With quality counseling available for children, teens, couples, and families of all types and ages, all family members can participate in this change together.”

If you’re looking for change and healing and are wondering if Creative Family Counseling can help you facilitate that change in your life, call today to speak with one of our Therapists.